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Jade Putters is a company that specializes in making custom golf putters. The putters are unique in that the heads are primarily made out of jade however marble, petrified wood and a variety of agate have also been custom ordered. Many types of stone may be used however the primary stone is commercial grade of Wyoming Nephrite Jade which is one of the toughest rocks in the world.  It produces a very light feel when hit soft and a very crisp feel when hit firm.  This unique variety of jade is found only in a narrow band of rock outcrops in the middle of Wyoming.  What makes it special is that it contains a high percentage of iron, magnesium and other metals in the chemical formula which adds to the weight of the jade.   

The shafts are standard equipment and can be special ordered to include steel, colored steel or graphite, long or short. Standard grips are mid-sized pistol style.

The putters are made to be used and conform to USGA rules as per ruling 93-238.  They are also given as executive gifts, trophies, awards and prizes. They may be custom engraved with names, dates or logos.

Jade Putters, LLC
1002 Frontier Park Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Email sales@jadeputters.com

Remember your favorite pictures with laser engraving at our website - www.pictureitinstone.com


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