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Jade Putters, LLC
1002 Frontier Park Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82001


The Options

Since each putter is uniquely created, such things as weight, shaft length, lie and material, and of course the putter head material can all be customized to your preference. Laser engraving with names, designs, and logos is also possible.

Putter Head

The options are literally limitless however I have found a source of Wyoming nephrite jade that works very well in the standard putters. It has a mottling of different hues of dark and light greens and it polishes to a high gloss.

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But I also have used a variety of different jades as well as petrified wood, moss agate, marble, pink and green quartzite and a wide variety of minerals.

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Any silica based stone works well.

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Shaft Length and Lie: The standard putter is 36 inches long with a 70 degree upright angle. Custom fitting is available based on height and hand size. The faces are 1-3 degrees and are slightly onset away from the face. 

Shaft Materials: The standard shaft material used is black satin powder coated tapered steel. Graphite can be special ordered along with a variety of other shafts.

Weight: The weight will vary slightly with the type of stone used however a mid-weight head will be about 250 grams with the light to heavy being ± 25 grams.

Engraving: The heads may be custom laser engraved with names and/or logos at a nominal cost.



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